About Us

Who We Are.

The Boxer Group is an independent sales representative company, specializing in Kitchenware and domestically manufactured products for over 10 years. We work with a variety of manufacturers, including both the rising stars of the industry, as well as the tried-and-true producers, each with a diverse range of products. We are located just outside of Chicago, Illinois.

How We Work.

We have worked tirelessly to get both new and time-tested products into retailers throughout the Midwest region- from the true mom-and-pop stores to some of the largest retailers in the US. Our sales approach is truly integrated from start to finish, and involves extensive research and presentations. We tell retailers a ‘story’ for each of our products; helping them understand how it can fit into their lineup and how it will appeal to their customers. This involves well-researched and comprehensive presentations that are customized for each retailer.

 What We Sell.

Our product line reflects the goal of our company—to provide high quality cookware and kitchenware at sharp price points, starting at OPP and beyond. We believe in functional and fashionable cookware at great price points. We also have a commitment to represent only products that we love. Both product and packaging must meet out standards—and we test them to the fullest! We are unique in that we are serious home cooks and use the products that we represent and stand behind them 100%. Our belief is that if they meet or exceed our expectations, they will meet consumers’.

  • Jenny Johnson

    CEO & Founder

    Owner and Salesperson: Jenny began her sales career at the inception of MTV, selling ad time for cable before it was a hot commodity. Selling such a new and untested ‘product’ gave Jenny plenty of insight and the skills that have served her in all her roles since. Over the course of the last 30 years, she has worked with leading retailers and marketers selling advertising and marketing programs. Jenny worked in national cable sales; in place based advertising and in selling product pricing data nationally in a wide variety of consumer categories. Jenny founded The Boxer Group in 2004, and has steadily built her client base to include some of the hottest products in the gourmet and housewares industry today.

  • Chandra Barzvi

    Bookkeeper and Quick Books Expert

    Chandra came to us as a financial bookkeeper at a number of small businesses in the Chicagoland area. His main role is to organize and keep an official track of company financials here at The Boxer Group. Chandra also helps with vendor management via his Quickbooks and invoicing expertise.

  • Andrea Daugherty


    Marketing and Design: Andrea began working as a consultant for a leading Health & Benefits firm. Realizing that she would prefer to work in more creative fields, she moved into marketing, helping salespeople like Jenny sell an online tool for advertising and pricing analysis. Andrea worked with marketing teams at leading US retailers to effectively utilize these tools. A subsequent degree in Graphic Design combined with data mining provided the perfect compliment to Jenny’s business’ needs. Today she works on presenting The Boxer Group’s products and manufacturers to retailers and customers- including developing presentations, press releases and custom design of products for Boxer Group customers.

  • The Kennel: Support Staff

    Support Staff

    The Boxer Group wouldn’t be complete without our furry friends. Benson, Jake and Otto fulfill a number of support staff roles, including keeping an eye on the office when we are out on the road making calls and keeping feet warm when the temperatures drop. We’re named the Boxer Group for a reason, and it has nothing to do with the sport!

Territory: Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana

Retail Categories: Retail/Department Stores, Grocery, Mass, Hardware, Specialty/Gourmet, Craft Brewers/Restaurants/Bars, E-Commerce, Discount Stores and Wholesale Clubs

Product Categories: Bakeware, Clean/Storage, Cookware, Countertop Electrics, Gourmet, Housewares, Kitchen Gadgets, Kitchen Textiles, Pot Racks, Serveware, Tabletop